AÑO 2018

18 Publicaciones a la fecha


Oporto GH, Salazar LA. DNA is hypomethylated in circadian manifestations of Bruxism. Oral Diseases. 2018; 0(0), 1-8.

FI (2016): 2,011 - Q2

Betancourt P, Merlos A, Sierra JM, Camps-Font O, Arnabat-Dominguez J, Viñas M. Effectiveness of low concetration of sodium hypochlorite activated by Er,Cr:YSGG laser against Enterococcus faecalis biofilm. Lasers in Medical Science. 2018; 0(0), 1-8.

FI (2017): 1,949 - Q2

Bertoncini AL, Rodrigues GA, Giorgetto C, Do Campo-Campos EC, Dias FJ, Sassoli VP. Substance P in dorsal root ganglion neurons in young and adult rats, after neuroceptive stimulation during the neonatal period. The Anatomical Record. 2018; 301(5), 849-861. 

FI (2016): 1,431 - Q2

Borie E, Leal E, Orsi IA, Salamanca C, Dias FJ, Weber B. Influence of transmucosal height in abutments of single and multiple implant-supported prostheses: a non-linear three-dimensional finite element analysis. Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering. 2018; 21(1), 91-97. 

FI (2016): 1,909 - Q3

Fuentes R, Farfán C, Astete N, Garay I, Dias FJ, Arias A. Bilateral Bifid Mandibular Canal: A Case Report using Cone Beam Computed Tomography. Folia Morphologica. 2018.

FI (2016): 0,341 - Q4

Bianchi HF, Vargas CA, Ottone NE. Unusual ending of the second dorsal metacarpal artery as proper palmar digital arteries. Folia Morphologica. 2018; 77(2), 393-396.

FI (2016): 0,341 - Q4

Fuentes R, Arias A, Farfán C, Astete N, Garay I, Navarro P, Dias FJ. Morphological variations of the mandibular canal in digital panoramic radiographs: a retrospective study in a Chilean population. Folia Morphologica. 2018.

FI (2017): 0,497 - Q4

Prieto-Gómez R, Ottone NE. Terminología Embryologica y Placenta: propuesta de términos embriológicos en español. International Journal of Morphology. 2018; 36(1), 63-68.

FI (2016): 0,255 - Q4

Fuentes R, Dias FJ, Salamaca C, Borie-Echevarría E, Ottone NE. Systematic review of the Tanaka ligament in the temporomandibular joint. Analyzing its scientific validity. International Journal of Morphology. 2018; 36(1), 87-91. 

FI (2016): 0,255 - Q4

Medina-Ruiz BA, Osorio-Fleitas M, Persano MB, Dami HR, Veja RB, Ottone NE. Prevalence of the right nonrecurrent inferior laryngeal nerve in a series of 100 total thyroidectomies. International Journal of Morphology. 2018; 36(1), 149-158.

FI(2016): 0,255 - Q4

Ottone NE, Vargas CA, Veuthey C, del Sol M, Fuentes R. Epoxy Sheet Plastination on a Rabbit Head – New Faster Protocol with Biodur ® E12/E1. International Journal of Morphology. 2018; 36(2), 441-446.

FI (2016): 0,255 - Q4

Fuentes R, Álvarez G, Garay I, Arias A, Dias FJ. Dientes Supernumerarios Suplementarios en un Paciente Adulto Parcialmente Dentado: Reporte de Caso. International Journal of Morphology. 2018; 36(2), 478-482.

FI (2016): 0,255 - Q4 

Matus D, Betancourt P. Mechanical root canal preparation using the WaveOne gold® system. Case series. Biomedical Research. 2018; Print Proof.

FI (2016): 0,219 - Q4

Fuentes C, Oporto GH. Use of Operating Microscope in Endodontics: A Survey Applied in Chile. Transylvanian Review. 2018; 26(24), 6539-6542.

FI (2016): 0,045 -Q4

Rodriguez-Niklitschek C, González C, Valdés R, Oporto GH. Pharmacological properties of Buddleja globosa Hope and its potential as a natural medicine: Literature Review. Transylvanian Review. 2018; 26(26), 6959-6964.

FI (2016): 0,045 - Q4

Rodriguez-Niklitschek C, Durán G, Vásquez GH, Oporto GH. Corono-radicular length of permanent canine teeth and their importance in clinical dentistry. Transylvanian Review. 2018; Accepted Article.

FI (2016): 0,045 - Q4


Fuentes R, Dias FJ, Álvarez G, Lezcano MF, Farfán C, Astete N, Arias A. Application of 3D electromagnetic articulography in dentistry: Mastication and Deglution Analysis Protocol Report. International Journal of Odontostomatology. 2018; 12(1), 105-112.

Bustamante F, Arellano-Villalon M, Crot W, Navarro P, Fuentes R. Bioluminiscencia: Herramienta de Medición y Análisis en Lavado de Manos Clínico Aplicado a la Odontología. International Journal of Odontostomatology. 2018; 12(2), 160-168. Print Proof


AÑO 2017

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Oporto, G.H., Salazar, L.A. (2017). A reflection and analysis about the tools in the assessment of bruxism. Clinical Oral Investigations, 21(9), 2873-2874. 

FI: 2,308 - Q1

Oporto, G. H., Bornhardt, T., Iturriaga, V., & Salazar, L. A. (2017). Single nucleotide polymorphisms in genes of dopaminergic pathways are associated with bruxism. Clinical Oral Investigations, 1-7.

FI: 2,207 – Q1

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FI: 2,8 – Q1

Ottone, N.E., Baptista, C., Latorre, R., Bianchi, H.F., del Sol, M. & Fuentes, R. (2017). E12 Sheet Plastination: Techniques and Applications. Clinical Anatomy, 0(0), 0-0.

FI: 1,824 - Q2

Ziago, E. K. M., Fazan, V. P. S., Iyomasa, M. M., Sousa, L. G., Yamauchi, P. Y., da Silva, E. A., Borie E., Fuentes R. & Dias, F. J. (2017). Analysis of the variation in low-level laser energy density on the crushed sciatic nerves of rats: a morphological, quantitative, and morphometric study. Lasers in medical science, 32(2), 369-378.

FI: 2,461 – Q2

Fuentes, R., Arias, A., Lezcano, M.F., Saravia, D., Kuramochi, G. & Dias, F.J. (2017). Systematic standardized an individualized assessment of masticatory cycles using electromagnetic 3D Articulography and computer scripts. BioMed Research International.

FI: 2,476 – Q2

Velásquez, H., Olate, S., Díaz, C., Navarro, P., Borie, E. & de Moraes, M. (2017). Quantitation of Mandibular Symphysis Bone as Source of Bone Grafting: Description in Class I and Class III Skeletal Conditions. Journal of Oral Implantology, 43(3), 211-217. 

FI: 1,283 - Q3

Bucchi, C., Gimeno-Sandig, A., & Manzanares-Céspedes, C. (2017). Enlargement of the apical foramen of mature teeth by instrumentation and apicoectomy. A study of effectiveness and the formation of dentinal cracks. Acta Odontologica Scandinavica, 75(7), 488-495.

FI: 1,23 – Q3

Bianchi, H., Saravia, D. & Ottone, N.E. (2017). Unusual pattern of the first dorsal metacarpal artery. Surgical and Radiologic Anatomy, 1-4.

FI: 1,20 – Q3

de Souza, R. F., Khiyani, M. F., Chaves, C. A., Feine, J., Barbeau, J., Fuentes, R., Borie E.,  ... & Emami, E. (2017). Improving practice guidelines for the treatment of denture-related erythematous stomatitis: a study protocol for a randomized controlled trial. Trials18(1), 211.

FI: 1,86 – Q3

Fuentes, R., Veuthey, C., Arias, A., Saravia, D. & Ottone, N.E. (2017). Injection in temporomandibular joint of rats. Description of technical protocol. Polish Journal of Veterinary Sciences, 20(2), 207-211.

FI: 0,719 – Q3

Fuentes, R., Flores, T., Dias, F., Farfan, C., Astete, N., Navarro, P. & Arias, A. (2017). Localization of the Mental Foramen Through Digital Panoramic Radiographs in a Chilean Population. International Journal of Morphology, 35(4); 1309-1315.

FI: 0.255 - Q4

Muñoz, G., Dias, F.J., Weber, B., Betancourt, P. & Borie, E. (2017). Anatomic relationships of mandibular canal. A cone beam CT study. International Journal of Morphology, 35(4); 1243-1248.

FI: 0.255 - Q4

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FI: 0.23 – Q4

Fuentes, R., Saravia, D. & Ottone, N.E. (2017). Enamel pearls in different locations of the roots of mandibular and maxillary molars: Case report. Biomedical Researsh, 28(3).

FI: 0,236 – Q4

Ottone, N.E., Vargas, C. A., & del Sol, M. (2017). De Músculo Omohioideo a Músculo Escapulohioideo. International Journal of Morphology, 35(2)740-744.

FI: 0,255 – Q4

Ottone, N.E., Prieto Gómez, R., & Algieri, R. D. (2017). Revisión Morfológica, Clínica y Quirúrgica Sobre el Nervio Glosofaríngeo. International Journal of Morphology, 35(1), 325-330.

FI: 0,255 – Q4

Borie, E., Calzzani, R., Dias, F. J., Fuentes, R., & Salamanca, C. (2017). Morphometry of Rabbit anatomical regions used as experimental models in implantology and oral surgery. Biomedical Research.

FI: 0,23 – Q4

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FI: 0,226 – Q4

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FI: 0,146 – Q4

Fuentes, R. & Ottone, N.E. (2017).Propuesta sobre la Inclusión y Eliminación de Términos Anatómicos en Terminologia Anatomica Correspondientes a la Articulación Temporomandibular. International Journal of Morphology, 35(1)12-15.

FI: 0,255 – Q4

Fuentes, R., Farfán, C., Astete, N., Navarro, P., & Arias, A. (2017). Distal root curvatures in mandibular molars: analysis using digital panoramic X-rays. Folia Morphologica.

FI: 0,341 – Q4

Matus, D., Garay, I., & Betancourt, P. (2017). Root canal preparation of maxillary second premolar with three roots and three separate root canals: a micro-computed tomography study. Biomedical Researsh, 28(10).

FI: 0,23 – Q4

Bucchi, C., Borie, E., Arias, A., Dias, F.J. & Fuentes, R. (2017). Radiopacity of alloplastic bone grafts measured with cone beam computed tomography: An analysis in rabbit calvaria. Bosnian journal of basic medical sciences, 17(1), 61.

FI: 0,906 – Q4

Fuentes, R., Saravia, D., Arias, A., Prieto, R. & Dias, F.J. (2017). Mandibular dental implant placement using demineralized bone matrix (DBM). Biomedical Research, 28(6).

FI: 0,236 – Q4

Salamanca, C., Ottone, N.E., Arias, C., Garay, I. & Fuentes, R. (2017). Transmigrated Canines Associated to Odontomas. International Journal of Morphology, 35(2)465-468.

FI: 0,255 – Q4

Fuentes, R., Arias, A., Saravia, D. & Lezcano, M. F. (2017). An innovative method to analyse the range of border mandibular movements using 3D electromagnetic articulography (AG501) and MATLAB. Biomedical Research, 28(9).

FI: 0,236 – Q4

Medina Ruiz, B.A., Ojeda Fiore, H.A., Cardenas, J.G., Bernal, M., Izcurdia, C.E. & Ottone, N.E. (2017). Prevalencia de cabeza accesoria (humeral) del músculo bíceps braquial. Revisión de la literatura. International Journal of Morphoplogy. 34(3): 1095-1101.

FI: 0,255 – Q4

Fuentes, R., Arias, A., Bucchi, C., Saravia, D. & Dias, F.J. (2017). Prevalence and morphometric characteristics of the mandibular incisive canal through panoramic radiographs in a chilean population. International Journal of Morphology, 35(3): 981-987.

FI: 0,255 – Q4

Bianchi, H. F., Vargas, C. A., & Ottone, N. E. (2017). Unusual ending of the second dorsal metacarpal artery as proper palmar digital arteries. Folia Morphologica.

FI: 0,341 – Q4

Fuentes, R., Arias, A., Astete, N., Farfán, C., Garay, I., & Dias, F.J. (2017). Prevalence and morphometric analysis of Idiopathic Osteosclerosis in a Chilean population. Folia Morphologica.

FI: 0,341 – Q4

AÑO 2016

28 publicaciones


Bustamante, F., Alves, N., Torres, C., Gatica, C., & Olave, E. (2016). Total Facial Index and Facial Cone in Chilean Individuals. International Journal of Morphology, 34(3), 963-967.

FI: 0,299 - Q4


Valdivia-Gandur, I., Engelke, W., Beltrán, V., Borie, E., Fuentes, R., & Manzanares-Céspedes, M. C. (2016). Novel use of cranial epidural space in rabbits as an animal model to investigate bone volume augmentation potential of different bone graft substitutes. Head & face medicine, 12(1), 35.

FI: 0,916 - Q3

Bucchi, A., Bucchi, C., & Fuentes, R. (2016). El Dimorfismo Sexual en Distintas Relaciones Cráneo-Mandibulares. International Journal of Morphology, 34(1), 365-370.

FI: 0,299 - Q4

Borie, E., Orsi, I. A., Yoshito Noritomi, P., & Takanori Kemmoku, D. (2016). Three-Dimensional Finite Element Analysis of the Biomechanical Behaviors of Implants with Different Connections, Lengths, and Diameters Placed in the Maxillary Anterior Region. International Journal of Oral & Maxillofacial Implants, 31(1).

FI: 1,49 - Q2

Kuramochi, G; Borie, E.; Del Sol, M. (2016) Use of Morphometric Analyses to Assess the Efficacy of the Technique of Resin Composite Bonded to Cervical Dentin with Additional Mechanical Retentions. Int. J. Morphol., 34(2): 597-603.

FI: 0,299; Q4

Beltrán V.; Lazzarini, M.; Lillo, R.; Fuentes, R.; Valdivia-Gandur, I.; Stühmer, W.; Engelke, W. The use of cortical particulate allograft mixed with plasma-rich fibrin in severe maxillary alveolar ridge atrophy. Int. J. Clin. Exp. Med., 9(2): 2229-2236, 2016.

FI: 1,075; Q4

Bucchi, C.; Borie, E.; Arias, A.; Dias, F.J.; Fuentes, R. Radiopacity of alloplastic bone grafts measured through Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT): An analysis in rabbit calvaria. Bosnian J. Basic Med. Sci., In Press. 2016.

FI: 0,652; Q4

Minucci, M.; Issa, J.P.; Yokoyama F.Y.; Dias, F.J.; Iyomasa, D.M.; Guimaraes, E.; Watanabe, I.S.; Iyomasa, M.M. Angioarchitecture and morphology of temporomandibular joint of Monodelphis domestica. Micro Res. Tech., 79(9):806-813. 2016.

FI: 1,13; Q2

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FI: 3,25; Q1

Fuentes, R.; Ottone, N.E.; Bucchi, C.; Cantin, M. Análisis de los Términos Utilizados en la Literatura Científica para Referirse a la Cápsula Articular y Ligamentos Articulares de la Articulación Temporomandibular.Int. J. Morphol., 34(1):342-350. 2016.

FI: 0,299; Q4

Oporto, G.; Bornhardt, T.; Iturriaga, V.; Salazar, L.  2016. Genetic polymorphisms in the serotonergic system are associated with circadian manifestation of bruxism. J. Oral Rehabil., In Press. 2016.

FI: 1,926; Q2


Curiqueo, A.; Borie, E.; Navarro, P. & Fuentes, R. (2016). Relación entre fuerza masticatoria máxima funcional e índices antropométricos en adultos jóvenes chilenos Relationship between the maximum bite force and anthropometric indexes in Chilean young adults. Av. Odontoestomatol., 32. 

Flores HF, Ottone NE, Fuentes R. Analysis of the morphometric characteristics of the cervical spine and its association with the development of temporomandibular disorders. Cranio In Press. 2016.

FI: 0,68; Q4

Bucchi, C.; Arias, A.; Fuentes, R. 2016. Platelet concentrates in the replantation of avulsed teeth: a systematic review. Int. J. Clin. Exp. Med., In Press. 2016.

FI: 1,075; Q4

Fuentes R.; Carter, P.; Muñoz, S.; Silva, H.; Oporto, G.; Cantin, M.; Ottone, N.E. Evaluation of validity and reliability of a methodology for measuring human postural attitude and its relation to temporomandibular joint disorders. Singapore Med. J.; 57(4): 204-8.  2016.

FI: 0,59; Q4

Fuentes, R.; Saravia, D.; Garay, I.; Ottone, N. E. Assymptomatic bilateral calcified stylohyoid ligament detection by panoramic radiography and cone beam computerized tomography. Biomed. Res., (India) In Press. 2016.

FI: 0,236; Q4

Fuentes, R.; Saravia, D.; Ottone, NE. Enamel pearls in different locations of the roots of mandibular and maxillary molars. Case Report.Biomedical Research, 28(2):xxx-xxx,2017.

FI: 0,236; Q4

Fuentes, R.; Ottone, NE.; Saravia, D.; Bucchi, C. Irrigación e inervación de la Articulación Temporomandibular. Una Revisión de la Literatura.Int. J. Morphol., 34(3):xxx-xxx, 2016.

FI: 0,299; Q4

Ottone, N. E; Del Sol, M. & Fuentes, R. Report on a Sheet Plastination Technique using Commercial Epoxy Resin.Int. J. Morphol., 34(3):xxx-xxx, 2016.

FI: 0,299; Q4

Algieri, R. D.; Ferrante, M, S,; Flores, C.; Paglilla, P.; Insfran, H.; Ottone, N.E. Evaluación del Conocimiento Anátomo-Quirúrgico del Sistema de la Vena Cava Inferior por Médicos Residentes de Cirugía General.Int. J. Morphol., 34(2):424-430, 2016.

FI: 0,299; Q4

Vargas, C. A.; Ottone, N. E.; Contreras, M. & Del Sol M. ¿Facies o Impressio en el Bazo?Int. J. Morphol., 34(3):xxx-xxx, 2016.

FI: 0,299; Q4

Betancourt P & Fuentes R. Cone beam computarized tomography analysis of a unusual mandibular canine with two independent roots and two canals. Biomedical Research., 27 (1): 177-180, 2016.

FI: 0,226; Q4

Alessandra Lolato, Cristina Bucchi, Silvio Taschieri, Ahmed El Kabbaney & Massimo Del Fabbro. Platelet concentrates for revitalization of immature necrotic teeth: a systematic review of the clinical studies, Platelets, 27(5):383-92, 2016.

FI: 3,213; Q2

Del Fabbro MLolato ABucchi CTaschieri S & Weinstein RL. Autologous Platelet Concentrates for Pulp and Dentin Regeneration: A Literature Review of Animal Studies. J. Endod. 42(2):250-7, 2016.

FI: 2,904; Q1

Cristina Bucchi, Ivan Valdivia-Gandur, Rodolfo Sánchez-Bizjak, Victoria Tallón-Walton & Cristina Manzanares-Céspedes.Regenerative endodontic therapy: a systematic review of clinical protocols. Int. J. Clin. Exp. Med., 9(9):XXX-XXX, 2016.

FI: 1,075; Q4

Betancourt, P; Navarro, P; Muñoz, G; Fuentes, R. Prevalence and location of the secondary mesiobuccal canal in 1,100 maxillary molars using Cone Beam Computed Tomography. Bmc Med Imaging;16:66, 2016.

FI: 1,663; Q3


Flores, T.; Caniguan, J.; Fuentes, R. Análisis de Terminología Clínico Odontológica y su Traducción al Mapudungun. Int. J. Odontostomat.10(2): 249-254. 2016

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Orsi, I.A.; Andrade, V.G.; Naal, Z.; Fuentes, R.; Borie, E. Assessment of the amount of residual sodiumhypochlorite after chemical disinfection of heat-polymerized resins. Rev. Clin. Periodoncia Implantol.Rehabil. OralIn Press.2016.


AÑO 2015

27 publicaciones


ENGELKE, W.; BELTRÁN, V.; DECCO, O.; VALDIVIA-GANDUR, I.; NAVARRO, P. & FUENTES, R. Changes in morphology of alveolar buccal walls following atraumatic internal root fragmentation. Int. J. Morphol., 33(2):491-496, 2015. FI:0.484

FUENTES, R.; ARIAS, A.; NAVARRO, P.; OTTONE, N. & BUCCHI, C. Morfometría de premolares mandibulares en radiografías panorámicas digitales; análisis de curvaturas radiculares. Int. J. Morphol., 33(2):476-482, 2015. FI:0.484

Ramón Fuentes, Iván Valdivia, Eduardo Borie, Víctor Beltrán & Cristina Bucchi. Histomophological analysis of peri-implant bone tissue of an implant in use for 10 years: A case Report. Biomedical Research 2015; 26 (2). FI:0.387

CANTIN, M.; OLATE, S.; FUENTES, R. & VASQUEZ, B. Alveolar ridge conservation by early bone formation after tooth extraction in rabbits. A histomorphological study. Int. J. Morphol., 33(1):369-374, 2015. FI:0.484

Ottone NE, Cirigliano V, Bianchi HF, Medan CD, Algieri RD, Borges Brum G, Fuentes R. New contributions to the development of a plastination technique at room temperature with silicone. Anatomical Science International 2015; 90(2):126-135. FI: 0.827

Ottone, N. E.; Tejedor, M.; Blasi, E.; Medan, C. D.; Fuentes, R. & Del Sol, M. Morphological description of the flexor digitorum accesorius longus muscle and its clinical significance. Int. J. Morphol., 33(2):611-619, 2015. FI: 0.484

Borie, E.; Orsi, I.A.; Araujo, C.P. The influence of the connection, length and diameter of an implant on bone biomechanics. Acta Odontol. Scand., 73(5):321-329, 2015. FI: 0.997

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Eduardo Borie, Iara Augusta Orsi, Pedro Yoshito Noritomi, Daniel Takanori Kemmoku: Three-Dimensional Finite Element Analysis of the Biomechanical Behaviors of Implants with Different Connections, Lengths, and Diameters Placed in the Maxillary Anterior Region. Int J Oral Maxillofac Implants; 30:xxx-xxx. 2015. FI: 1.491

Fuentes, R., Carter, P., Muñoz, S., Silva, H., Oporto, G., Cantin, M. & Ottone, N.E. Evaluation of validity and reliability of a methodology for measuring human postural attitude and its relation to temporomandibular joint disorders. Singapore Med J; (1):1-15. 2015. FI: 0.796

Fuentes, R.; Engelke, W.; Flores, T.; Navarro, P.; Borie, E.; Curiqueo, A.; Salamanca, C. (2015). Description of intraoral pressures on sub-palatal space in young adult patients with normal occlusion. Int. J. Clin. Exp. Med., 8(7):11208-11213. FI:1.227

Betancourt, P., Navarro, P., Cantín, M. & Fuentes, R. (2015). Cone-beam computed tomography study of prevalence and location of MB2 canal in the mesiobuccal root of the maxillary second molar. Int J Clin Exp Med 8(6):9128-9134. 2015. FI: 1.227

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FI: 0,299 - Q4

Fuentes, R.; Flores, T.; Navarro, P.; Salamanca, C.; Beltrán, V.; Borie, E. (2015). Assessment of buccal bone thickness of aesthetic maxillary region: a cone- beam computed tomography study. J. Periodontal Implant Sci., 45(5):162-168.

FI: 1,108 - Q3


Lillo, R., Parra, C., Fuentes, R., Borie, E., Engelke, W., & Beltrán, V. (2015). Compressive resistance of abutments with different diameters and transmucosal heights in Morse-taper implants. Brazilian dental journal, 26(2), 156-159.

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